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Tourist attractions and activities in Shengjin

Tourist attractions and activities in Shengjin

As the world wakes up to the amazing tourist appeal of Shengjin, one of the places most blessed by Mother Nature on earth, the influx of tourists to this paradise on earth has grown exponentially over the years.

Thankfully, though, Shengjin still remain unsaturated and retain it magical aura. Shengjin has it all- tall, snow-tipped mountains, green and dense forests, white sandy beach that welcome the crystal clear water of the seas.

Tourist attractions and activities in Shengjin

The irresistible landscape is enriched by rustic-looking luxury villas and ruins from a bygone era. The ruins, which are an integral part of the rich history of Shengjin, demonstrate the influence of Albanian and are a major tourist attraction.

Shengjin is home to many world-class beach resorts offering an array of water sports as well as mountain resorts that offer tourists options to enjoy winter sports like skiing.

Of course, visitors to Shengjin must enjoy the pleasure of watching its local artisans produce exquisite handicrafts, pottery and ceramic ware. Simply visit some of the local workshops producing these and you will be blown away by the amazing deals you will get.

Enjoy the magnificent Shengjin cuisine with the increasingly-popular Albanian wine at any of the wonderful restaurants and local pizzerias. The unique taste of Shengjin food- a result of the influence of several cuisines- will certainly give you a new perspective to Mediterranean food.

There’s much more to Shengjin than is gorgeous beach. Shengjin is a relatively unspoilt tourist haven, which offers a glorious time for every type of tourist.

History and archaeology, beach, water sports, mountain sports, shopping for handicrafts and local artifacts- Shengjin unravels itself as a place that is made for travel and tourism.

Northern Albania needs to be experienced to be fully understood. With direct flights from several European cities, this experience of a lifetime is just a short hop away! / © /

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