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Successful Tourism in Shengjin

Successful Tourism in Shengjin

Shengjin is becoming more and more interesting to foreign tourists. Some of the most popular destinations in Shengjin are the seaside and nature resorts.

The most popular beaches are the in Kune, Vain, Rana Hedhun, Tale. There are some less popular beaches in northern Albania.

Successful Tourism in Shengjin

For the first time, Shengjin is a destination offered via European travel agencies, while European tourists became the majority of visitors of Shengjin beach.

The tourists mostly expressed their positive impressions about the beaches, the sea, the service and hospitality so many of them plan to return.

According to experts, a growing number of tourists spend their holiday in their Shengjin. One of the main factors of success is an improvement in infrastructure resulting from the fact that the present-day Shengjin is a large construction site.

Another advantage is the economic recession and lower prices in comparison to the neighboring countries. Albania is present in the world media.

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