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Shengjini, true relaxation

Shengjini, true relaxation

Clear sea, sand and black hot pine forest around to entice freshness, this is the picture that offers Shëngjin today.

Slowly received outlining a popular beach, filled with local and hotels of all categories and qualities.

Shengjini, true relaxation

I much preferred not only by residents of the surrounding areas, but also those of the capital and beyond, who prefer to “make way” towards the shore, perhaps a bit remote, but for the sake of truth provides more purity than other beaches.

Taking advantage of the best infrastructures and roads in this area, Shëngjin is always cozy and liked to spend these hot summer days.

A host of bars and restaurants have already shaped Shëngjin coast. They offer many different services, such as a bar for refreshment or a coffee, restaurant to enjoy wonderful sea products, up in the evening, where vacationers can have fun with music “live”, a innovation, this widespread recently in coastal areas.

Kune-Vain lagoon
If you continue along the coast road Shëngjin being inserted between the pines, will appear before the Kune-Vain lagoon. A “tip” quiet and less populated, where the water becomes more and more clear and the sand always clean.

Where nature enjoying full freedom and all that it offers. Time passes without feeling in this country so peaceful. / © /

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