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Shengjini, tourism values

Shengjini, tourism values

We put Shengjin for sun, sea and sand for, for the rare beauties that nature has given residents of a social host.

Wide belt of clean sand, bordered on one side by the sea and on the other with sparse pine forest and other trees. A narrow strip of sand with vegetation, separates the shallow coastal waters of the lagoons.

Shengjini, tourism values

In the beach of Shengjin and Kune, vacationers find hotels, restaurants and other facilities, set up in compliance with the conditions and traditions of the area, but also traditional house, with beautiful gardens and parks. Traditional cuisine offered anywhere, but it overseas, according to taste and demand. Prevalent seafood, poultry and meat grilled wild. And, above all, modern service standards.

Shengjini as an important transportation hub, since ancient times, has received the forwarded many of the guests traveler, domestic and foreign. While mass tourism took place only in the early 60s of XX century, when construction began in july beach, which had conditions and opportunities to host a large number of tourists.

Hunting Tourism
Shengjini for themselves the conditions there, special offers as well as special hunting in reserves, nature and sport fishing, but also for business, mostly in the sea, and the waters of the lagoons Kenalla, Kune, Merxhani the Vain.
Clarendon Hunters Association has established regular relations with neighboring countries Hunters Association, which increasingly often attend july, which indicates that this form of tourism is another possibility for the development of this area with traditions in this field. / © /


  1. Elidona says:

    Shengjini is one of the most beautiful pearls in Albania, I spent years in August holidays with family and are very, very satisfied ..

  2. Albani Gjilan says:

    Shengjini and his beauties are very attractive as this was a place where tourists quickly adapt to the surrounding nature is likewise also offer hospitality to locals and quiet beaches and especially the sand and environment cleanliness local area there.
    I was for the first time with my family last year in 2010 and I spent so great that I did not think that I’ll find a place so quiet in Shengjin. If someone would cease to make the holiday as befits then place my opinion and ideal conditions as in Kosovo have been Shengjini.

  3. Adoni Peje says:

    I am very pleased in SHENGJIN, and I can’t wait to visit again. bye

  4. One of the most beautiful beaches in Albania

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