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Shengjini beach, clean and quiet

Shengjini beach, clean and quiet

Tourist stories: Perhaps you remember that some time ago I asked if it was possible to wander Albania with some foreign friends to calmly and smoothly since I had time I saw him coming.

And here at last was done once a week that we have achieved and we all decided the group was one of the cleanest beaches (as with had suggested) in Albania, Shengjini.

Shengjini beach, clean and quiet

And really, every day was spent in the beach was amazing. Once we reached the open sea lungs with wind and pine. Together with my friends headed to one of the many hotels that were built and for a very reasonable price, 250 thousand Lek for ten days, we found fantastic rooms with air and light overlooking the sea where excited to sleep with the sounds of waves and wake up with great tranquility of the beach.

Very clean sand and a unique quality – large grain – charming restaurants and above all it was not – the terrible noise of the crowded beaches – untiring made ​​us all and we spent very beautiful day. We actually still a little early to make camping area and many refugees et Highlanders and cars with Kosovo license plates although Tirana were not less.

Clarendon Hall had engaged people who passed occasionally (every half hour) to collect garbage and rubbish bins of finds every 50 meters. On the other roads built to create the best opportunity to come and go (every 5 min -50 vans for ALL people) in Lezha which were built many local bars and decently close to the river Drina. Shëngjin leave tomorrow and depart for Durres.

I wanted to share these good impression with you, I think Shengjini for this summer’s beach passes the test of a standard acceptable to the natures where virginity is still visible interlaced with new constructions just made​​. For the moment I can not be left picture but I promise you will not delay. (from blue) / © /


  1. Hakiu says:

    Greetings from USA, I spent holidays with my wife and daughter 2 years old, 10 days in late July, and hopefully we come back soon.

  2. vajzat e shengjinit says:

    I live in Shengjin and is very beautiful country and wonderful place. There are many beautiful places such as the beach and sand.
    You are welcome to this country. This is the most beautiful place in all Albania.

  3. FRIDION SHPK says:

    I did not know there was site for the hotels in Shengjin ………. Please you can publish all complexes and restaurants and everything else, because if I see that not all premises were supposedly named and worth to be on the list

  4. Lola Luma says:

    Shengjini is one of my most favorite destination. Thank you’ve decided to reflect on one of the pictures july I received during the 2009 summer holidays in my balcony.

    Lola Jackson

  5. Arben says:

    Please tell me something about the price on hotels.

  6. Basri says:

    I’m from Kosovo town of Gjilan. I was in SHENGJIN and I spent my summer in a beautiful beach. Do not forget that the prices is very acceptable, and so on other early I will visit this beautiful country again.

  7. Berisha says:

    Hello, I live in Berlin with my family and during the summer I was on vacation in SHENGJIN, and I was accommodated to Joni hotel. The hotel has a good atmosphere and fantastic condition. I will visit it again

  8. Trinti says:

    Does anyone have the number of mobile phone of this hotel, especially the question is for the person that has wrote this article. thank you.

  9. suada says:

    Good afternoon. My name is Suada and live in Italy. My parents are in Prizren and I wanted to make a surprise by bringing in Shengjin beach, because they have advertised this natural beauty. Please do you have an opportunities to help with renting a vacation home. My email address is sinan.pz @
    I expect response and thank you from the heart
    I wish you a great time and a beautiful holiday

  10. riki says:

    I was in Shengjin for three days, and really I have fun. The beach was very clean, quiet, and the accommodation was perfect. You will spend the holidays in a perfect relax.

  11. zefi says:

    I will come at Shengjin with my wife and children. I am in love with this amazing Geography, I have visited all the beaches around the world and has not compares ion with Shengjini beach. So in other words, Shëngjin promises to be a most prestigious coastline of Europe!!!!

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