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Shengjin travel guide

Shengjin travel guide

Shengjin is a growing beach town located in Northwest Albania well known for its Adriatic coastline and tourist accommodations.

Shengjin is quickly becoming one of the must see locations in the area for day trippers or those looking for a relaxing getaway by the coast.

Shengjin travel guide

Shengjin has thousands of years of history that has provided this beach city with a unique Mediterranean culture. Shengjin has become well known for its history as much as its sandy coastline. The people of Shengjin, are known for their hospitality.

How to get in
By Bus: In the summer months it is possible to take a bus between Shengjin and neighboring city Lezhe. Buses routes between Shengjin and Lezhe costs 0.50 Euro and take approximately 10 minutes to ride. The location for bus drop-offs and pick-ups are throughout the city of Shengjin and Lezhe.
By Taxi: run year around from Shengjin to neighboring city Lezhe. Taxi rides between Shengjin and Lezhe costs 5 EURO and take approximately 10 minutes. The locations for taxi drop-offs and pick-ups are throughout the city of Shengjin and Lezhe. Taxi are the most common form of transportation in the area and are easy to locate as they drive through the city from morning till night.

Get around
Most visitors get around Shengjin by walking along the make road or along the coastline. However, it is possible to take a bus or taxi throughout the city. Just be aware that most of these means of transportation often lead out of town to the neighboring city, Lezhe. If you wish to travel within the city, make it clear to the driver where you want to go, or else you may be taken out of town on the more typical transportation routes.

Beaches-Shengjin’s – coastline offers a great beach experience with great views to the Adriatic Sea.
Rana e Hedhun – This is a undeveloped stretch of coastline just north of the city well known for its sand dunes and seascape near the mountain ridge.
Kune & Vain (Laguna) – Located just south of the city, this area is well known for its natural beauty and wildlife.
Mountains – The surrounding mountain ridge provides great views to the sea as well as the city

Shengjin offers a wide arrange of outdoor activities including:
• Fishing
• Hunting
• Camping
• Hiking

Common souvenirs in the Shengjin area include the popular drink raki, handcrafted goods, beach accessories and paintings by local artists. Souvenirs can be found in the shopping district in Shengjin on the main road in the middle of the city. The local currency is Lek, but some establishments also accept the Euro.

Shëngjin’s restaurants are best known for offering the freshest seafood in the region. Tourists greatly enjoy the local seafood dishes caught by the local fisherman. Shengjin also offers traditional and Italian cuisine in its restaurants.

Like other sea towns, Shengjin’s drink of choice is “raki”, which is produced from local grapes. Visitors also enjoy drinking wine produced that is sold at many of the cafes and restaurants across town.

Shengjin has top hotels include Hotel President, Hotel Ermiri Palace, Hotel Antag, and Hotel Rafaelo, etc. The accommodations are spread out from the southern to the northern parts of the city, and they also range in price. The hotels fill up with guests during the summer months when thousands pour in to visit the Adriatic coast.

You can buy a local sim card for 5 Euro (Vodafone). You need to provide ID (passport) and give an address in Shengjin. Many local cafes and hotels offer free internet WI-fi service to their customers.

Get out
Shengjin is located 7km from Lezhe, 10 km from Lac, 28 km from Shkoder, 55 km from Durres, 58 km from Tirana, and 60 km from the Tirana International “Mother Teresa” Airport. All of these locations can be accessed by bus or taxi. Visitors to the area have found that transportation is fairly easy to navigate in this area. / © /

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