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Shengjin increasing in popularity for holidaymakers

Shengjin increasing in popularity for holidaymakers

On the beach Shëngjin, what is striking is undoubtedly the cleanliness of the beach. Tourists from Europe and USA, have found this season a cleaner environment and safer.

According to them, the attention shown by the local authorities is significantly higher than a year ago. Changes are awesome for foreign visitors. They argue that the changes are extraordinary and is built without damaging nature.

Shengjin increasing in popularity for holidaymakers

According to local authorities, the measures taken for the security clearance and the beaches tend to increase the number of tourists. In addition to significantly improve infrastructure, a great advantage for the tourists who visit Shëngjin competitive prices, together with good housing conditions.

Shengjin has been becoming more and more popular over the years, challenging the dominance of traditional holiday hot spots such as Saranda or Vlora.

More and more holidaymakers are looking to discover the beach of Shengjin with bookings rocketing year on year. It is clear there is a real drive to increase tourist numbers to this beautiful beach destination.


  1. Michelle says:

    Shengjin has a beautiful panoramic view, I really like this beach, I will visit with my boyfriend this summer.

  2. violeta says:

    I like Shengjin, ist the best!

  3. violeta says:

    I have a flat in Shengjin, and i live in Kosove, but my dreams eweriday are in Shengjin!!!!!

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