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Shengjin, double the number of tourists

Shengjin, double the number of tourists

While the summer season marks the peak of his country’s beaches are overcrowded by tourists. One of the favorite areas remain Shëngjini beach, where the number of visitors has doubled.

Tourists from different districts of the country but also from Albania and Macedonia have just chosen to spend the holidays Shëngjin even on a weekend. The tourists said they chose this beach not only for the beauty, purity, but also for the peace that characterizes.

Shengjin, double the number of tourists

“It is the fifth year that I Shngjin holidays. Here is very good, very well pass on the family. Each year we find changes for the better, “said a vacationer from Kosovo.

While another is resting from Kosovo said, “I come from Gjakova and Shngjin annually. Flats is very good, the sand is very good place. “

Even a citizen from Pristina, says he attends Shëngjin of 9 years.

Daily influx of holidaymakers on the beach Shengjini ranges from 30 thousand in a typical day up to 80 thousand on weekends. Meanwhile learned that the operation of the Durres-Kukes-Morine number of visitors, mainly Kosovo increased by 30%. (

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  1. Shengjini is a very beautiful city an has a great beach.

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