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rapsodia 300x200 Restaurant Rapsodia

Restaurant Rapsodia

Rapsodia is more than a restaurant. It’s a place of well being open during all the year, in harmony with the landscape that surrounds it.

A place full of magnetic charm with an incredible force and energy. The halls are furnished with natural materials hand made by skilled craftsmen. The sculpted cirmolo, a soft and perfumed wood, is all around the place mixed with natural stones.

Restaurant Rapsodia

Even in winter our guests will seem to be outside. The ambient and the cuisine will advocate flavors, sounds and melodies that mix the Albany culture with modern Europe.

During summer our guests can eat outside, to appreciate the landscape and smell the sea, far less than 1 km. Rapsodia can receive 80 knives and forks and has nine rooms where you can spend the night: seven large and two smaller. All of them with TV and balcony.

The place is under the mountains and offers to our guests the chance to make some trips among nature. Here is where Albany, a country full of history and tradition, meets the myth. Specialized couriers will bring you in a tour among castles and ancient cities, full of fascinating legends. Their charm will drag you to the limits of your fantasy. Rapsodia awaits you to spend unforgettable moments.

It’s hard to describe what we can live through taste or faction most of all if there’s a whole story and a philosophy behind the plate you’re about to taste. We can try to sum them in just one word: Com mixture. It comes from my years spent in Italy, what I’ve learn from various cooks I met there and the memory of Albany cooking traditions. This can’t be described with just few words.

My cuisine comes from all of that and from my attitude too, obstinate and full of passion. I believe in a cuisine that can mix what we were and what we are now, the past and the present. This is what I mean with Com mixture. The past is made by ancient recipes both Italians and Albany full of ideas and inspirations, different from place to place; the present is my elaboration of these recipes, the mix of ingredients and techniques that try to anticipate habits and tastes of the people.

Eating is a priority for all of us and our taste is very demanding. It satisfies our senses and teaches us something about our taste maybe even more than painting or music, that can’t fill our stomach but just our mind. What I’d like to do is to make less common one of the main functions of our life. Eating while having fun. I’ll make you try new flavors, food that light up memories, I’ll catch you gently by the throat to take you in a tour of my passion for cooking.

You’ll enjoy the bread, the pasta and hand made cake, always fresh following the seasons. You’ll find a cuisine à la carte that will satisfy you, both if you’ve come for a romantic evening or with all your family. Children will taste new flavors having fun while eating. Our kitchen is open you just have to take advantage of it !

I almost forgot: if you would like to spend some special occasions with us like baptisms, holy communions, weddings we offer feasts organization, tasting menu or topic dinners. So contact us we’ll plan together your holidays.

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