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Natural beauty of Shengjin

Natural beauty of Shengjin

Shengjin is a sandy beach which belongs to Lezha district. It is situated 8 km away from Lezha city. Shengjin beach is well known for its high quality sand.

This beach has 200 from 365 sunny days per year. In the north of Shengjin before Renci Hills is situated the wonderful beach of “Powered sand” (Rana e hedhun), which is very well protected by the winds of this area.

Natural beauty of Shengjin

Lezha seaside has a wonderful natural ecosystem, of the winds of this area, it is highly recommended for surfing. At this delta we may find lagoon system of Kune-Vain in which can easily by observed a big number of sea birds.

There are two lagoons forming the system, the one of Ceka at an area of 235 ha, and the other of Merxhani of 77 ha. The biggest surprise for tourists in this area is the evaluation of the sandy island of Kune at a surface of 125 ha, situated at the right side of Drini delta.

This island is covered with hygrophilous vegetation. There are wildly grown green Mediterranean bushes, willows etc. In this area are numbered more that 227 types of plants.

Regarding to fauna we can list a number of birds, as wild ducks, pheasants, big redheaded duck etc. It is important to mention that in this area are numbered 70 kinds of birds and 6 kind of amphibians. / © /

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