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Italians, overawed by the beach of Shengjin

Italians, overawed by the beach of Shengjin

Italian holidaymakers on the beach to accommodate Shengjini expressed quite satisfied with the terms offered by tour operators.

They appreciate the cleanliness of the beach, tranquility and natural beauty. “It is a wonderful beach to fly more quietly that you can find only in Albania”. So says an Italian tourist, who this year has placed them in Shëngjin spend your holiday.

Italians, overawed by the beach of Shengjin

In sandy beach that offers Shëngjin and recognizes tourism as development comes even greater. Cleanliness of the sea, fresh air and tranquility offered by this beach every year absorbs more foreign and domestic tourists, who expressed satisfaction with the provided services.

Starting from bars, restaurants and pizzerias and nightclubs, vacationers find clarity in the sea Shëngjin addition, all conditions for unforgettable holidays past.

Line passengers through the port and the opening of the highway Shëngjin towards Kosovo gives another dimension to the Lezha region and around tourism in Albania, making this area to get a rapid development.

Accommodation units, which offer a quality service, lie on a large length of the beach.

These buildings are years and not missing bars, restaurants, discos, etc., which meet best pleasures of tourists.

With the new line of travel, the town becomes a tie knot Shëngjin of Europe to the Balkans, and significantly shortens the distance to the citizens of Kosovo, transiting from Albania. / © /

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