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Europort Shengjin, connection between Balkans and Europe

Europort Shengjin, connection between Balkans and Europe

After years of efforts and studies, the founder of the largest project in the Adriatic Sea, Ilir Muharemi, President & CEO of LM&CO, seems to have found a fertile ground in Albania for the development and implementation of this project.

Project Europort Shengjin – Eagle Of The Adriatic appears headed toward a track and is in the process of finalization.

Europort Shengjin, connection between Balkans and Europe

Port of Shengjin, for the position, connecting the Southern Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Europort of Shengjin will be an important strategic point and European scale that links the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea on a shorter route.
Based on the urban plan of Albania and Euro Balkan transit routes is calculated that more than 230 000 square kilometer Balkan transit of goods needed by the port, meaning a minimum of 40 million tonnes of cargo per year.

Europort Shengjin project is recommended by the Rothschild family as a highly profitable project and of great importance. Mr. Muharemi in 2009 with project Europort Shengjin – Eagle Of The Adriatic is estimated by World Finance as one of the 100 best in the world.

A major project following the company LM & Co. is building wind energy parks in Albania, namely the production of electricity through the use of wind. Are planned construction of five parks which will generate 100 MW power and energy between 200 MW. For placement of wind turbines needed 4 million square meter site.

Projects are embraced by the high levels of Albanian politics, because they provide a contribution to the development and progress of the Republic of Albania.
The value of the project amounts to 4 billion euro amount. Foreign investors from Asia and America have expressed their interest in participation and implementation Europort in Shengjin.

Mr. Lirim Muharemi has a more detailed description of this major project and its importance to the development of Albania and the relationship with Europe. The article will be published in website address
For more information about the enterprise of Mr. Ilir Muhameti LM & CO. you can visit the website

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  1. Ska Rendesi says:

    Me kete port veriu i Shqiperise i mbeten vetem malet se deti iku.
    Nuk kemi nevoje per nje port te tille qe vetem investitori fiton(ne lepijme kocat). Shengjinasve do tju ofrohet vetem smoku dhe mbeturinat qe sjellin investimet gjigante.
    E duam Shengjinin e paster dhe pa mega-port. Rana e hedhun nga perla e veriut do te kthehet ne germime qe ka nevoje porti.

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