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    Company profile


    Total staff of the company: more than 500          Total area of factory building: 60000m2

    National high-tech enterprises                Ningbo City Engineering and Technology Center

    Post doctoral workstation (chip) 


    Our laboratory centre in Ningbo is able to perform product testing, including but not limited to: Humid heat test with high and low alternating temperatures Comprehensive test with cyclic humid heat and vibration High and low temperature impact test Rain waterproof test Dust test High pressure jet test Dynamic salt spray test High temperature motor performance test Gearbox test Electromagnetic measurement Material mechanical properties experiment and measurement

    Smart Manufacturing
    Our facilities include fully automated assembly lines, in-house equipment, software and engineering plastic molding development and metal forming. Our infrastructure guarantees effective product line extension and superior quality control. Our flexible production lines are designed to meet the needs of both large and small volume orders. 
    We are not limited to researching and developing our current product offering. We focus on effectively utilizing our